European Commissions’ FP7 call

The EU’s 2012 FP7 call places a strong emphasis on the participation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). To put it plainly, the FP7 selection criteria favor or require projects that incorporate SME providers.  Another area where FP7 extends previous expectations regards the dissemination and communication of project results. Recognizing the importance of effective communication of the project results, the FP7 selection criteria look for a well-developed dissemination plan.

I partly bring these FP7 areas of emphasis to your attention because as both a scientific dissemination expert and a small enterprise, I offer high value with my participation as a WP leader. In conjunction with an experienced consortium of European researchers, my experience with dissemination and communication in the field of infectious diseases creates a strong and proven element in a successful proposal.

A few examples of new topics related to my interests and abilities:

FP7-HEALTH-2012-INNOVATION-1,2 (September/October 2011)

  • HEALTH.2012.2.2.2.-2: Investigator-driven clinical trials for optimisation of management of elderly patients with multiple diseases.
  • HEALTH.2012.2.3.0-1: Diagnostics for infectious diseases in humans.
  • HEALTH.2012.2.3.0-2: ERA-NET on infectious diseases.

Topics for the IMI 4th call for  proposals (mid-June 2011):

EU Medical Information System

  • Building up a European Medical Information Framework to improve healthcare and facilitate research
  • eTRIKS: European Translational Research Infrastructure & Knowledge Management Services

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