Public Research should benefit Society

In an open letter sent today to the President and Members of the European Commission as well as the European Parliament and the EU Member states, 98 civil society and research organisations from across Europe warn that the Commission’s draft proposals for the next Research funding framework (2014-2020) fail to address the real challenges faced by European societies and call for a research agenda geared towards the needs of society and the environment rather than those of big business.

Our recent React meeting in Brussels to discuss the challenges in discovery and development of new antibiotics “Collaboration for Innovation – The Urgent Need for New Antibiotics”  provided strong input for the upcoming action plan from the EU commission. Among invited key stakeholders were representatives from the European Commission, the European Medicines Agency, the World Health Organization, academia, the pharmaceutical industry as well as several civil society organizations. Key issues discussed at the meeting were put in the perspective of the upcoming action plan from the EU commission and included the nature of the scientific challenges, possibilities for open source solutions, and the need for a new business logic for antibiotic discovery and development where the return of investment is decoupled from sales to the extent possible.

We hope that our ideas and analysis will find their way into the next Research funding framework (2014-2020).


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