Anti-Infectives: Special issue in Current Opinion in Pharmacology

The special issue on anti-infectives in Current Opinion in Pharmacology has been recently published. Together with my colleague J. Mouton I developed the concept of this issue that focuses on the global resistance problem and includes important aspects of resistance, from R&D of  novel antibiotics to improved usage of existing antibacterial as well as antifungal drugs to minimize the emergence of resistance.

Our Editorial Overview concludes:

For decades clinicians have overused antibiotics and thus exploited apparently exhaustible resources. Abuse in livestock, agriculture, aquaculture, consumer industry, as well as persistence of antibacterial drugs in the environment all contribute to high selection pressure on bacteria including, of course, pathogenic ones. Nearly dry antibacterial and antifungal R&D pipelines will fall short of addressing currently untreatable infections caused by MDR bacteria and fungi. That meticulous infection control, consistent stewardship programs, and restrictive usage in all fields can and do work is beyond dispute. To drive antibacterial drug R&D forward and to improve clinical practice, we must effectively use recently gained insights into the mechanisms of emergence, into the spread of resistance and into drug exposure-resistance relationships. We have much to lose if we do not work in concert. All members of society and, most critically, stakeholders including researchers, clinicians, drug developers, health care managers, regulatory agencies, policy makers and, yes, patients must collaborate in sustainably managing our critically limited and invaluably precious cache of antibacterial and antifungal drugs.


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