Reviving old antibiotics: Colistin terminology

Multidrug resistance is a growing health crisis and old antibiotics such as colistin  are being used increasingly as a last-line therapy against infections caused by Gram-negative bacteria that are resistant to other available antibiotics. Colistin was never developed according to current regulatory standards and regional differences in approved product characteristics and labeling is confounding the appropriate clinical use of colistin worldwide. A serious problem is the confusing terminology of describing the contents of parenteral vials and corresponding doses of the administered prodrug  colistin colistin methanesulfonate (CMS) that may lead to lethal dosing errors.

The experts of The Prato Polymyxin Consensus recently published a letter to the editor of Clinical Infectious Diseases that recommends a consistent global approach on reporting of colistin doses and labeling.


One Response to Reviving old antibiotics: Colistin terminology

  1. Juan N.Walterspiel MD, FAAP says:

    Congrats to the lonely and pennyless warriors ! ! ! THIS IS BADLY NEEDED. When we have no better, we must at least know about and use the bad in the best way

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