Antibiotic research and development: business as usual?

My recent publication in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy describes the problem of global resistance, the dry antibacterial R&D pipelines and the new IMI-funded, multistakeholder, €9.4 million DRIVE-AB (Driving Re-InVEstment in R&D and responsible AntiBiotic use) project with a consortium, composed of 14 public and 9 private partners from 12 countries.


2 Responses to Antibiotic research and development: business as usual?

  1. It is interesting that many pharma companies find funding and resources to develop medicines for extremely rare and orphan diseases but do not invest in development of new antibiotics. Considering the time it takes to bring a new class of drugs into the market, by the time we are faced with a mass resistance to the current antibiotics, it will be too late to start the search for new antibiotics. What is even more disappointing is that we know we are heading toward more widespread resistance and we know when it hits, the situation will be catastrophic.

    • theuretz says:

      Profits from orphan drugs may be very high due to extremely high prices. Such profits are drivers in the orphan drug R&D area. Comparable prices are not possible for antibiotics as these drugs are mostly used empirically. The diagnostic tools are not reliable and not fast enough. Who would use a very expensive drug without knowing that it is appropriate and justified? With the increasing multi-drug resistance and too little effort in the field of antibacterial drug discovery we are heading towards a worldwide medical crisis. National and international initiatives will hopefully contribute to solving the problem.

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