What I am passionate about

Press conference in Boston 2010

I am a microbiologist, dedicating my professional life to improving the way we use anti-infectives, especially antibiotics and antifungals as well as contributing to finding and developing new ones.

I am fascinated about the incredible ability of microorganisms to adapt to environmental niches, to survive harsh conditions, and “outsmart” all humans. Darwin’s principle of selection and adaptability is visible to me every day when I deal with resistance issues in infectious diseases. Even applying the most sophisticated studies to determine the right amount of drug over time (dosage regimen), may only delay the emergence of resistance or mitigate the selection pressure that we create with using anti-infective drugs. While having a deep respect for nature and its microorganisms I try to find ways to control the ones that are harmful for us.

My main interests are focused on

  • Using pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic principles to define dosage regimen for anti-infective drugs that allow to optimize the activity while minimizing toxicity and emergence of resistance.
  • Propagating the appropriate usage of anti-infective drugs
  • Disseminating and communicating scientific results and knowledge
  • Coordinating and organizing international scientific projects in my field
  • Advising on bacterial and antifungal drug development (R&D strategies)
  • Assessing and reviewing research projects and publications