Current Projects

As a microbiologist, I work to improve the usage of anti-infectives to increase effectiveness, reduce harm, and combat resistance. Specializing in antibiotics and antifungals, I offer scientific expertise, international business and government research & development guidance, and communication/engagement experience to clinical, research, and policy bodies.  I have been involved in many aspects of antibiotic and antifungal usage and research & development.

Current or recent projects include:

  • Partnership in a FP7 EU funded and two IMI programs: Re-developing old antibiotics, optimising their usage, developing new economic models to incentivise R&D, stewardship, supporting development of new antibiotics
  • Policy meetings
  • Coordination and organization of international scientific projects.
  • Organization and management of international societies and study groups.
  • Dissemination and communication of scientific results and knowledge via education, training, international workshops,  CME events.
  • Publication of reviews, consensus articles in leading journals.
  • Evaluation and review of research projects and publications.
  • Advising regulatory and government agencies.
  • Advising small companies and research institutions on bacterial and antifungal drug development (R&D strategies).