Communication and Media

Communicating and disseminating scientific and clinical knowledge is a multidimensional process that requires a broad range of skills and experience.

The primary target groups of my educational activities and communication efforts include physicians, the research community, professional interest groups, and the public (via media). My major role in the EU funded collaborative projects that are focused on providing solutions for the resistance problem, require effective communication and engagement of decision‐makers and politicians. In order to achieve maximal impact, I tailor communication tools and engagement strategies to the particular needs of each target groups. I am leading the Stakeholder and Communication Platform in the project DRIVE-AB. This work package develops and implements a comprehensive communication/engagement strategy that will engage all stakeholders and establish effective relationships with and between decision makers.

My outreach focuses on:

Also I enjoyed 10 years as lecturer at the Medical University of Vienna, Department of Clinical Microbiology, where I designed and delivered courses in Advanced Bacteriology, Infectious Diseases and Antibiotic Treatment.

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